Athletic Art Productions

Showcasing the Athleticism of Dance

"BaseBallet: Into the Game", Photograph by David DeSilva

"BaseBallet: Into the Game", Photograph by David DeSilva

we believe dancers are not only artists, but are among the world's greatest athletes.

What began as a family dinner one night sparked a conversation that would inspire an Emmy Award winning feature with Comcast Sports Network Bay Area - BaseBallet. We were floored by the positive response throughout the Bay Area and beyond, even receiving recognition from The National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame in Saratoga, New York. The excitement continued to blossom through social media and we soon realized the tremendous potential in what we had started. Working with world class dancers, producers, sportscasters, and collaborators, Athletic Art Productions has the power to change the way people see dance. Our truly unique perspective can showcase the athleticism of this art form in a way that resonates with traditional sports fans like they've never experienced before. If you're a fan of the game you understand the strength it takes to throw a 98 mph fastball, you've seen the precision needed to sink a 3-point fade-away jump shot, and you've felt the passion of a winning rally in the 4th quarter. At Athletic Art Productions, we see dance with all the strength, precision, and passion of major league sports and it has inspired us to share our love for dance.

A Californian Native, Weston Krukow grew up in Candlestick and AT&T park watching Giants baseball. After graduation from the University of Arizona in dance, he joined Smuin Ballet where he honed his choreographic and artistic vision. In 2014 he partnered with Cameo Cross to win the US Open Swing Dance Cabaret Competition. 2015 found Weston creating a Pas de Deux with Nicole Haskins that was honored at the McCallum Choreography Festival. In the same year, along with Needham-wood and the Comcast team, he became an Emmy winning Choreographer. This marks his final year on the Smuin team, but looks forward to his freelancing career, continuing to choreograph nationally and perform with the Lyric Opera under Helen Pickett's Les Troyens in the fall. Weston deeply thanks his family, friends, and teachers for guiding him on this path that humbles and inspires him everyday.

Emmy award winning choreographer, Ben Needham-Wood, has always held great passion in promoting the athleticism of dance. His early years were spent equally devoted to ballet and soccer, and he quickly learned how each of the two disciplines served to benefit the other. Over the course of his performance career, Needham-Wood has been fortunate to work with world renown choreographers and mentors who have influenced his artistic growth and professional development. Inspired by those experiences, his greatest ambition is to create new programs that enhance the appreciation of this athletic art form. In 2005, St. Paul’s School recognized Needham-Wood with The Form of 1971 Visionary Award for demonstrating, “originality, creativity, capacity for self-direction, and other immeasurable, often unheralded, qualities that have been a source of inspiration.” As co-director of Athletic Art Productions, Needham-Wood hopes to continue inspiring new appreciation for dancing athletes.